Larimar Zen Doodle Mermaid Tail Pendant

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I remember doodling on my notebooks back in high school.  Who knew that today a simple doodle in now a ZEN DOODLE?  Well, anyway, all of my doodling during some boriing classes paid off when my doodles came to life on this beautiful mermaid tail.  Didya notice the subtle heart shaped cut of the larimar?  This pendant is for all the day dreamers, doodlers and wanna be mermaids (and those who love them) out there!

Pendant measures approximately 1 3/4" long and 1 1/16" wide. 

Designed by me for Silvergirl Sterling!  Handcrafted in Thailand.  .925 Sterling Silver and natural larimar from the Dominican Republic.

Silvergirl Sterling is a jewelry wholesaler that supplies boutiques and small retailers across the US & the Caribbean. Silvergirl is the parent company of Bonita Beach Jewelry.